Wood pallet industry welcomes Waste Directive changes

FEFPEB welcomes changes that affect how recycling targets for wooden packaging are calculated, following work by the industry. The European Federation of Wooden Pallet and Packaging Manufacturers (FEFPEB) said the European Union has accepted that wood used in both the reuse and repair of pallets and packaging should be included in the calculation of recycling […]

Environmental Excellence

Robust Properties

Wood is not only one of the most sustainable manufacturing materials; it is also embodied with structural properties that offer a number of benefits including flexibility, durability and ease of application.

Quality Assurance

All wood packaging, and in particular wood pallets, is designed to support a unit load, which consists of the pallet or crate, the packaging or product being carried, and any materials used to stabilize the entity so it can be moved as a unit through the supply chain. This requires an understanding of safe maximum […]