Global Wood Packaging Forum Announces Interpal 2023 Conference in Montreal, Canada

MONTREAL, CANADA – The Global Wood Packaging Forum (GWPF) is pleased to announce the Interpal 2023 Conference from October 3-5 in Montreal, Canada, hosted by the Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association (CWPCA) and the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA). This quadrennial event brings together industry leaders, innovators, and professionals worldwide to discuss […]

IPPC publishes new guide on wood packaging material

Rome, 3 May 2023. The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) has published the new Guide to Regulation of Wood Packaging Material which is seen to help countries better manage the introduction and spread of plant pests through the international movement of goods. Around 80 percent of all consignments moving in global trade include some type of […]

Wooden pallet & packaging body warns supply chain cost pressures remain

Supply chains across Europe have been warned that remaining high prices of inputs other than raw materials are expected to keep costs of essential products such as pallets and packaging high for the foreseeable future. The European Federation of Wooden Pallet & Packaging Manufacturers (FEFPEB) said according to some European industry indices, the costs of […]

NWPCA hosts first-ever Mexico Chapter conference

MONTERREY, NUEVO LEON, MEXICO September 9, 2022 – The inaugural conference of the Mexico Chapter of the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) took place from September 7-8 in Monterrey, Mexico. The Conferencia de la Industria Mexicana del Embalaje de Madera brought together more than 130 international business leaders from five countries.   “The formation […]

FEFPEB president calls for packing industry action to attract staff

President of the European Federation of Wooden Pallet & Packaging Manufacturers (FEFPEB), Rob van Hoesel, has called on the wooden pallet and packaging sector to update its businesses and communication to ensure it can attract and retain high quality staff for the future. The head of the organisation said the industry must adapt its operations […]

European Business Reusing More Wooden Pallets

European pallet and packaging manufacturers are repairing more wooden pallets for reuse than ever, according to a survey by the European Federation of Wooden Pallet & Packaging Manufacturers (FEFPEB). The latest figures from the organization, show that 197.5 million pallets were repaired in 2019, an increase of 25 percent from the previous survey carried out […]

Global Wood Packaging Forum Celebrates Certification of Carbon Footprint of Wood Pallets

The Global Wood Packaging Forum (GWPF) congratulates the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) and the Pallet Foundation on its Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for United States Wooden Pallets. This document, certified by UL (formerly Underwriter Laboratories) and produced in conjunction with Forest Products Lab, the research wing of the U.S. Forest Service, is the first of its kind for a product in the distribution packaging space. This declaration speaks to the quantitative impact that wooden pallets have on the environment beyond their reusable, recyclable and biodegradable qualities.

The Supply Chain’s Unsung Hero: The Wooden Pallet

The impact that wooden pallets and containers have on the supply chain as an important and sustainable stakeholder, especially how it impacts up the chain of supply and demand for the industry’s customer base, is a message that cuts across the cluttered decision making process that companies are faced with when choosing their distribution packaging.

NWPCA Announces Environmental Product Declaration for U.S. Wooden Pallets

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on Wooden Pallets were certified by UL, a leading EPD operator, and developed in conjunction with Forest Products Laboratory, the national research lab of the United States Forest Service. Today, the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) and the Pallet Foundation presented an Environmental Product […]

Pallet Manufacturing is an “Essential Service” and “Critical Infrastructure” for Supply Chain Continuity and COVID-19 Recovery Efforts

Statement from the Global Wood Packaging Forum As our global leaders across the world put in place emergency measures to protect the world’s population from the spread of COVID-19, we respectfully urge that policies being developed and implemented safeguard the ability of essential businesses to continue operations. We need to avoid an inadvertent mistake that […]